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psychological Conunseling Unit

Ege University Campus, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences
35040 Bornova/Izmir


In order to inform you about the EU Education Faculty Psychological Counseling Unit and the services it offers, we briefly provide answers to frequently asked questions:


Many psychological problems; It can be solved by talking and discussing with friends, family or other familiar people. However, there are times when we need help from people outside of our immediate circle. Here, EU Education Faculty Psychological Counseling Unit was established to meet this need of yours.

What is the purpose of psychological counselling?

Psychological counseling; It aims to develop the individual in personal, social, educational and professional areas, to cope with the problems he encounters in these areas, and to continue his life with satisfaction in general.

What happens in the counseling process?

Counseling is a professional psychological help relationship. Your counselor will help you focus on the issue that is on your mind and help you understand and solve your problem.
          Advice is not usually given in the counseling process. Your psychological counselor; works with you to make choices that are right for you and changes in your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, by respecting your values, lifestyle, goals and preferences.
          Individual counseling sessions; in a comfortable and safe environment, it is usually scheduled to take about 50 minutes once a week. In addition to individual counseling, group counseling is also offered in the unit. Group counseling sessions are also usually scheduled once a week for 90-120 minutes.

What issues can psychological counseling help with?

Adapting to a new environment/situation, lack of self-confidence, interpersonal conflicts, unwanted/traumatic experiences; Emotional problems such as anxiety, fear, stress, anger and depression, and problems such as sexual problems can be resolved with psychological counseling.

Who can benefit from the unit?

All students enrolled in EU Education Faculty can apply and benefit free of charge.

Who provides psychological counseling in the unit?

In the unit, faculty members of EU Education Faculty "Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department" provide psychological counseling voluntarily.

Location of the unit, working hours and appointment process

The Psychological Counseling Unit is located on the Educational Sciences Department Floor (1st Floor) of the Faculty of Education Dean's Building. The working days and hours of the unit are determined by the "Division of Guidance and Psychological Counseling".
          Students who want to receive psychological counseling should apply to the research assistants of the "Division of Guidance and Psychological Counseling" to make an appointment. During periods when the programs of psychological counselors are busy, you may have to wait for a while to receive psychological counseling. However, we will try to keep your waiting time as short as possible. In addition, it is important for the regular operation of the unit to come to your appointments on time and not to miss your appointments. In case you are unable to attend an appointment, you are expected to inform your psychological counselor in advance.

Preliminary interview

The purpose of the preliminary meeting is to decide together with you the most appropriate assistance that can be given. The pre-interview is not exactly a counseling session, but it is an important part of the counseling process. The preliminary interview consists of two parts. When you come to your appointment, you will first fill out a "Personal Information Form" (this will take about 15 minutes). Afterwards, you will have a meeting with your psychological counselor for approximately 30 minutes. In this meeting, your psychological counselor will give you more detailed information about the psychological counseling process and will get information about the subject you want help from. In this meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask your psychological counselor about the subject you want help and what you are wondering about the counseling process, and therefore, you will have the opportunity to make an evaluation.


Records and information about you, including the content of the sessions, will be kept strictly confidential. A file is opened for each client who applies to the Psychological Counseling Unit, and all forms and documents related to the client are kept in accordance with the ethical principles and practice standards of psychological counseling. Confidentiality details will be communicated to you at the initial meeting.

Collaboration with other health units

When necessary, the client is referred to the appropriate institution and the referral process is followed. Your counselor will discuss this with you if he or she thinks this is the best way to help you.




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