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Turkish and Social Sciences Education Department

Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education

The aim of the Social Studies Education Program is to train Social Studies teachers that will take charge in secondary stage of the primary school. We are expecting our students to be fully equipped with knowledge and abilities a teacher can have. For this purpose, we are training students who are well-informed about the history and the geography of his/her country as well as the world, have a good general knowledge and sensitive to social affairs. We are also expecting our students to have a contemporary instructor profile that adopts ethical values.

In order to graduate, the student has to complete all courses by providing attendance, take minimum 240 ECTS credits and has an average GPA of at least 2.00/4.00.






Assoc. Prof. İskender DAŞDEMİR


+90 232 311 31 61

      Phone: +90 232 311 41 56     

Address: Faculty of Education, Turkish and Social Sciences Department, Ege University Campus, Bornova/İZMİR

Graduates gain the title of “Social Studies teacher” and can work with this in official and private schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. They also have the opportunity to become academicians by attending post-graduate education.

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