canlı destek
Dear students;
As a strong and dynamic faculty of Ege University, which was established in 1955, we have a privileged place among Education Faculties in Turkey due to our qualified faculty staff and our campus environment with academic, cultural and physical facilities. The biggest source of pride of our faculty is that it is preferred by the students from the highest percentage in the field of scores every year and the professional success of its graduates. In line with our vision, we strive to be a faculty that contributes to the literature, education policies and social development through the researches it conducts and the qualified teaching programs it conducts, together with our competent academic staff. We are working hard to train you, our dear students, as teachers or psychological counselors who will be role models in social, cultural and moral terms, in accordance with the changing conditions of time.
Designing and updating our education in accordance with the requirements of the age and technological developments within the framework of our university's quality policy; embracing the society within the scope of social responsibility projects; We are moving forward in line with the goal of existing in the international arena with international cooperation and exchange programs. As a university student, we are constantly updating our education programs in this direction so that we can research, explore, analyze and offer creative solutions to the problems they encounter. Based on the principle that education life is life itself, we are striving for you to analyze all the difficulties you will encounter in life from this educational perspective, and to avoid prejudices in the light of reason and science.
As teachers and psychological counselors, who perceive the differences in social life as elements that enrich and make us beautiful, it is our greatest desire to be individuals who touch and beautify all over our country. Every profession that is duly, duly, self-sacrificingly done to serve people and humanity is special; Educators, on the other hand, have of course always been privileged with the role they play in the development of individuals and societies. As individuals with this privilege, it is our aim to create peaceful, healthy, happy and enjoyable time in our faculty; In this process, it is also your duty to be individuals who act with the awareness of their duties and responsibilities, read, research, question and carry out collaborative work in order to improve themselves.
I wish you all a successful academic year, with the hope that you will be enlightened individuals who shed light on their surroundings.
               With my love and respect,


Prof. Dr. Alper BASBAY
Dean of the Faculty of Education 


Ege Üniversitesi