Faculty of Education

Dear Prospective Teachers;

As a new faculty with 20-year history of our university which has deep-rooted history with 64 years, thanks to the qualified faculty members and academic, cultural and also physical environment that our campus facilitated, we have a privileged place among the faculties of education in Turkey.

The greatest pride of our faculty is the fact that it is preferred by the students from the highest percentage of the score type in the field each year and the professional achievements of our graduates. In the direction of our vision, all the competent academic staff and team members have put in a great deal of effort for you to become fully equipped individuals based on your professions and to raise you as a role model teacher or psychological counselor in accordance with the rapidly changing necessities of time.

As a person who have bachelor’s degree, you are expected to have critical and creative thinking skills, capability in asking questions, searching and discovering, and also to overcome all the difficulties that can be faced in life by using rational and real thinking skills without any prejudices in this educational perspective.

Beyond being graduated, completing the university as a teacher and educator has, of course, a more special meaning. Every profession serving humanity is sacred; educators have always been privileged for their role in the development of both individuals and societies. Just as the health of individuals is possible through, above all, healthy diet; the health of societies and humanity is possible through qualified education.

 I believe that you will learn how to learn and teach and also the fact that learning and teaching never ends in our academic journey during your four-year education in this faculty. Taking full account of all of these, I certainly believe that you will enlighten our future in a best way. I wish you all a successful academic year.


Best Regards,


Prof. Dr. Hülya YILMAZ
Dean of the Faculty of Education