Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education


Ege University Faculty of Education (FoE) was founded in 1998. The main aim of the FoE is to train teachers and counselors for K-8 level. The FoE accommodates seven departments and nine degree programmes:

  • Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching Department
    • Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching Degree Programme
  • Educational Sciences Department
    • Guidance and Psychological Counseling Degree Programme
  • Fine Arts Education Department
    • Fine Arts Education In The Painting Education
  • Department of Mathematics and Science Education
    • Science Teaching Degree Programme
  • Department of Turkish Language and Socian Sciences
    • Turkish Language Education Degree Programme
    • Social Studies Education Degree Programme
  • Department of Elementary Education
    • Preschool Education Degree Programme
    • Primary Education Degree Programme
  • Department of Special Education
    • Special Education Degree Programme

Furthermore, the faculty trains expert educators through graduate degrees offered under Ege University's two graduate schools:

  • Graduate School of Natural and Applied Science
    • Computer and Instructional Technologies Master's Programme
  • Graduate School of Social Sciences
    • Curriculum and Instruction Master's Programme
    • Curriculum and Instruction Doctorate Programme
    • Measurement and Evaluation Master's Programme
    • Educational Administration, Planning and Economy Master's Progrmamme
    • Educational Administration, Planning and Economy Doctorate Progrmamme
    • Guidance and Counseling Master's Programme
    • Guidance and Counseling Doctorate Programme
    • Science Education Master's Programme
    • Preschool Education Master's Programme
    • Primary Education Master's Programme